My Story

It`s crazy how I ended up here...6 years and a hundred amazing adventures later, Scentsy has been the biggest blessing of my life. And I almost convinced myself I could never be successful at it. 

I almost talked myself out of even starting. 

I`m Rachel, I live in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada and I am a mom of 2 amazing little boys (one with Autism), a wife, a nurse, a yoga nut, and a breastfeeding support volunteer.  I am also an Independent Scentsy Consultant and the Director of Team Bright Stars.

I discovered Scentsy in the Fall of 2011, at a fundraiser.  I went to the party, loved the idea and the scents, and ordered a Scentsy Companion system. (The Lisbon full size warmer, and the Lenore plug-in, and 3 bars, Whiteout, Sunkissed Citrus and Happy Birthday.  I still have the receipt!) 

My goodies arrived a few weeks later, so I picked them up from my friend, the Scentsy consultant who did the fundraiser (and now my sponsor!), and took them home.   Shortly after I plugged them in, my house started to smell ah-maz-ing (a tricky feat with 2 in diapers, and a big fluffy pup!) I was so delighted.  I felt calmer, relaxed, happy.

Suddenly, my then-4 year old with Autism walked over to the warmer and (as I held my breath, about to call out "NO!") put his WHOLE hand in the top, I let out a little cry and ran find him smiling, looking at the warm wax dripping off his little fingers, completely and utterly unharmed, and in fact, delighted! Sold!

I bought more scents, and another warmer, over the next few days. I was so hooked!  And the consultant said..."You just need to sign up"  And I laughed and said, "Me? No way...I`m a nurse, dude. I've never sold a thing!"

So, I shopped with her for Christmas, bought gifts that people loved. And I started to think, "Why Not?"  I saw what my friend was doing, saw that she was having fun, making friends, earning a free trip, and was a part of something bigger.  

But I was hesitant. I was afraid of failing. Of people saying, "Oh, noone makes money at those." And "See, I told you that wouldn't work." Like so many,  I struggled with anxitey and depression, and sometimes I had trouble valuing myself, believing in true, honest, happy self that I had kind of lost bits of along the way. There was so much hope in Scentsy. I saw what it COULD be. Maybe, I could quit my job that was making me miserable. I could be at home more for my kids, especially my special needs son. I could be happy on my terms. 

I made a deal with myself. I would tell people I joined mostly for the discount (which wasn't a total lie...I did have to seriously start getting paid on my own addiction! LOL) but deep down, I really needed to see where this was going to go. For some reason I can't describe, this felt like something special. 

So I decided to be really brave, and I just clicked that Join button.

I am so glad I did. It is so much fun! But there can be hard work! My biggest challenge was I had to get people to try warmers, and see how truly amazing they were. That this Scentsy thing WAS really something. And then steady, organically, over time, my customer base grew, and my team started to grow, and my business really started to take off. My hopes and secret dreams were closer and closer everyday. I was finally able to quit that job, and get a flexible one, with so much more freedom. I can be there for my kids, my family. I have been very blessed. 

Today, I am the Leader of Team Bright Stars, and have an amazing, inspiring group of guys and gals on my team, from every background, and all walks of life. I have earned Monthly Sales Awards, the 2012 Summer Incentive, the 2013 Scentsy Family Incentive Trip, to Whistler, BC, the 2014 Scentsy Incentive Trip to Altantis, Bahamas, and the 2015 Leadership Incentive, Cruise to Cozumel! Incredible, all expenses paid trips, and absolutely life changing.

As your Business Sponsor, I will mentor you, and provide one on one support, Team Meetings (both local and virtual) as well as an invitation to an exclusive Leadership Development program. I will help you learn how to be successful, on your own terms. For some, it's learning business skills. For many, it's finding your self, your financial independence to have a little extra, and finding out who you really are. Full time, part time, casual...there's room for everyone!

Just click on the Join button above, call/text at 902-999-1742 or email at: to get started. Today. Your future self will thank you for that. 

No matter what your goals or dreams are, there is a place for you, with us, with Scentsy Family. And I can`t wait to get to know you better. 

Cheers, Rachel